How To Increase Intimacy Using Tantric Eye Contact Technique

Establishing and maintaining eye contact is not as easy as it may seem because male’s impulsiveness and focus on the physical act may overwhelm all efforts of the woman to keep his eyes on hers. Mutual nervousness and embarrassment can also get in the way of sustained, loving eye contact which is a very important tantric technique.

Spiritual Bonding For Women is a Must

In tantra for women, there is considerable responsibility on the female to direct the flow of spiritual and physical intimacy to the male. It is male’s natural tendency to rush into sexual act, and women must ensure that spiritual bonding is not neglected. Here, we are going to reveal how women can become the object of worship but also the director of tantric ritual of worship.

Benefits of Employing Tantric Eye Contact For Women

One of the time-tested tantric techniques that women can use to establish a spiritual basis to a physical encounter is to bring about and maintain eye contact with her man. If this is done correctly, she can capture his undivided attention and ensure that it does not stray from the act of erotic worship. She must remember – even if he forgets – that a worshipful attitude is a must for tantric sex.

Revealing the Secret Tantric Eye Contact Technique

Both partners must sit cross-legged facing each other, at a little less than arm’s distance. This closes off the genital areas from immediate attention and encourages easy eye contact. The partners then hold each other’s’ gazes for at least a couple of minutes. When practiced often, this tantric bonding technique can be prolonged to ten minutes or more.

How to Prepare Before a Full Erotic Encounter

Once maintained eye contact brings worshipful adoration and spiritual connection with each other, the hands can be slowly brought into play. However, the worshipful mood must not be disrupted by sudden fumbling for each other’s private parts. Instead, the partners may caress each other at arm’s length, maintaining the cross-legged pose and also eye contact. Another ten minutes of this should suffice to bring physical desire to a peak, after which the partners may abandon the cross-legged posture and stretch out next to each other for a full-fledged erotic encounter.


The eyes are indeed the windows to the soul, and partners can literally get lost in each other’s’ eyes and the love that they reflect. This is especially beneficial for women because they crave attention and adoration of her male partner more than mere physical release.

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