How to Make a Cafe Latte

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What is Cafe Latte?

The word ‘latte’ actually means ‘milk’ in Italian. An Italian cafe e latte (‘coffee and milk’) is coffee mixed with milk, much like the French cafe au lait (‘coffee with milk’), but both are very different from the latte we know.

Nowadays outside of Italy, latte has come to mean a drink comprising one third espresso and two thirds steamed milk. Steamed milk is mainly hot milk with froth on top for effect.

Similar to cappuccino but with twice as much milk and hence a milkier taste, the latte is often flavored with sweet syrups.

With a bit of practice and the right tools you can make a great latte at home, saving money in the long run and impressing your friends.

This is what you need to make cafe latte

An espresso machine
A steam wand, which comes with most espresso machines, to heat the milk.
A metal pitcher in which to heat the milk and make the foam.
Shot glasses
Homogenized cold milk – try whole and skim to see which you prefer
Good quality espresso beans ground medium to fine
Tall glass or a coffee mug
Flavored syrup (if you wish) available from speciality stores and some coffee bars.

Start by steaming your milk:

Pour two thirds of a cup milk, or half a cup if using flavoring, into a cold pitcher.

Secure the thermometer inside the pitcher and steam the milk so it reaches a temperature of around 150 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are not using a thermometer, you know the milk is hot enough when you can no longer hold the container.

Begin with the steam wand at the top of the pitcher to create the foam. Keep the tip close to the surface; diagonally, not straight and when it is lukewarm or 100 degrees Fahrenheit, lower the wand into the milk until it heats up to 150 degrees. Turn off the steam wand, set the pitcher aside on the espresso machine warmer plate and brew your espresso.

Putting it together:

Usually a latte comes in a tall glass on a napkin and saucer; other times, a cappuccino cup large enough for the barista to show off his surface latte art.

If using flavored syrup, pour a shot or spoon a few teaspoons into your glass/mug with sugar to taste.

Layer the beverage so it looks good. You do this by first pouring two shots of freshly brewed espresso into your latte glass and within 10 seconds, the milk.

Roll the milk around in the steam pitcher until glossy on top. With a spoon push the foam aside to stop it from pouring out with the milk. Then pour milk from the bottom of the pitcher over the espresso until the cup is about two thirds full.

Stir if using flavored syrup and sugar before filling the cup with the froth which was at the top of the pitcher. Use the spoon to direct the flow of foam, or spoon it over the beverage so it blends nicely with the espresso crema.

Sprinkle with chocolate shavings or dust with ground chocolate, cinnamon or nutmeg if you wish, and enjoy.

My Cafe Latte Story

Though there was nothing out of the world thing I did but for me what else can be more special than a super romantic date at cafe coffee day…

Two of us,me and my boyfriend at an outlet of cafe coffee day were lost in each other’s eyes. When the whole world outside was shivering in an unbeatable cool breeze of January, both of us were cozing up with each other surrounded by the warmth of love. That evening there was something in the air, no, something other than love, which was making the evening even more romantic. ahh….how can i forget something that was so close to both of us,it was on our lips and making us go naughty…

What..????…it was the smooth and creamy essence of my favorite Cafe`Latte which was adding a flavour to our romance.

I was constantly speaking to him as I was quite from a long time (which is against my nature) and he was just smilingly looking at my face. I could not realize for how long I have been speaking until he gave a short peck on my lips to shut me up, probably.

A careless sip of coffee with hands in hands of someone you love with a soft music in the background is a feeling no less than flying on cloud nine.

After I just sipped my coffee,I realised a big smile ran over his face. Though the smile was no unusual as he was smiling throughout the day the moment we entered the cafe but still I questioned him,”what happened..??”

Soon his smile vanished and he held my face tight while coming very close to me (just a breath away). I closed my eyes, smiling, thinking that he might kiss me. My heartbeat ran faster than ever. Millions of questions were running in my mind as this feeling was inexplicable.

“ohh..god!!! it OK to kiss now??
…I mean its just my first date.
what will he think..??
shall I stop him..??”

But at the heat of the moment I could not respond to any of my questions and suddenly I realized he rubbed his nose on my nose and went back.

I opened my eyes ( quite disappointed though..) and what I can see was a little froth of coffee on his nose to which he smilingly pointed and said,
“look, this is what happened..”

“Ohh..”, that’s how I reacted smilingly at my stupidness. I hugged him tightly and I didnt know whether he understood my reaction or not.

Well.. I hope he doesn’t.

While going back home I recollected all the beautiful moments of the day.

COFFEE is a symbol of ‘remembrance’. Be it a romantic date, an official meeting or any casual outing you just cannot forget time spent over a cup of coffee.

Since then every cup of coffee which I share with Danie, my boyfriend, reminds me of that evening and we just cant stop laughing over my silliness. Even after two years, every thing remains same, Me, Danie, our love and a cup of coffee… So, here is my advice to all the first time lovers to start your dating journey from ‘cafe coffee day’.

And who knows a love proposal over a cafe latte may prove out to be lucky one for you.

“A lot can happen over a cup of coffee……..”

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