King Palms Mini Natural Slow Burning Pre-Rolled Leaves with Filter Tip Review

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Ok first off I’m usually such a skeptic about things so it’s very hard to get me to believe something and I’m usually not easily impressed… but I must say I’m TOTALLY IMPRESSED with these King Palms Mini Natural Pre-rolled bad boys, I don’t think I’ll ever use a regular wrap again .

I mean I didn’t smoke blunts too often anyways. I started using the raw papers with the raw filters for a cleaner smoke.. but they burn fast! These truly truly burn slow and I love it! I just got them last night and I’m already 3 down in less than 24 hours lol I usually don’t even leave reviews but I’m a firm believer in giving credit where it’s due! It’s Due

The packing tool provided is a neat thing because it helped me really pack this thing the right way. The minis are equivalent to mint swishers, which I anticipated, and are very sturdy. The directions are simple and easily understood.

The actual smoke was great because I could taste the product instead of the wrap, it wasn’t rough, it burned as slow as a cigar (I took about 7 minutes to fully pack mine to give an estimate of how much effort to put into it) and I only finished half of the blunt. I bought the minis because I figured they would be a one and done type of deal, but I’m ok with conserving product. Overall this product has made a very good first impression on me. They’re worth a buy.

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