Rastafarian Religion is a Human Lifestyle Based on Freedom

Rastafarian religion is more than just a mere religious group or political stance. It is a world culture and human lifestyle, loved by freedom-loving people and severely hated by close-minded mainstream society. The term has been closely associated with Robert Nesta “Bob” Marley, the primary icon of Rasta movement. His simple yet overwhelmingly compelling crusade against human rights violations, political-religious oppression and even environmental hazards easily spread; from the unhealthy political climate of Jamaica, then throughout the rest of the Third World countries.

Rasta culture and lifestyle also appealed to the First World environment as it opens for revolutionary awakening of the mind and the “emancipation of mental slavery”, to which people from dominant nations or stations of life are given a greater opportunity to be united with the rest of the world, in peace and harmony. Rasta culture and lifestyle easily thrives in coastal and tropical environments, since it shares the same setting with its origin in Jamaica and Ethiopia. Other correlates, for better or worse; are being associated with marijuana use, political anarchy, rebellion, treason, extreme pacifism.

But what passes for a Rastafarian religion is bordered with negative stereotypes that criminalize and demonize this group of people who have certain unorthodox opinions about controversial topics. One of the things that really put Rastafarians into a bad light is its adherence to a lifestyle that it has the tendency to deviate from the “normal and lawful society”. Certainly, Rastafarians have a world of their own that people either love or hate. For the purpose of this article, what will be enumerated here are the good points of living the Rastafarian lifestyle. These are the following.

I. Life of Peace and Harmony

In almost all religions and laws established in this world, approximately 95% of these institutions fiercely promote relative peace and harmony. Prosperity is a different area that Rastafarian religion never really put too much keen interest. As far as they are concerned, a life of peace and harmony is a life of prosperity. For this reason, it is commonly considered an unwritten law among good Rastafarians that one should live with positive vibes and “chill out”.

II. Reggae Music

The whole world may not absolutely like this particular musical genre but in a general sense, reggae music happens to possess the most relaxing and groovy tunes and compositions around. Reggae tunes happen to permeate the very standard of what relaxing music ought to be and it resonates well in an equally relaxing setting such as the beach. The good thing about reggae music is that such a genre is ideally and practically indiscriminate. Because every song can be altered into reggae version by simple mixing of various monotonous beats.

III. Nature Lovers

It comes to no surprise that many people who follow Rastafarian religion happen to be attuned to the natural environment such as rain forests or tropical islands. Bob Marley, the strongest modern example of a Rastafarian man, lived in a tropical coastal environment in Jamaica. Rastafarian fashion appears to have a strong affinity with nature; since the colors red, yellow and green conditions the human eye to easily imagine an island or beach environment. The dreadlocks hairstyle often emulate an appearance that closely associates people with primitive appeal. Someone who wears dreadlocks does resemble a shaman or a caveman in a positive and modernly acceptable standard of fashion. Do not be surprised when these cool people advocate vegetarianism the way “hippies” and Buddhists do. Some certain degree of appreciating natural trappings may extend to affecting crucial aspects of one’s lifestyle, such as the diet.

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