The Power of Free Palestine Shirts by Fifth Degree

The Power of Free Palestine Shirts: Fashion of Compassion by Fifth Degree

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When you talk about the free Palestine shirts and movement, I hate to admit it, but you’re swimming against the current. You may be asking why supporting the Free Palestine movement is going against the current. The answer may sound political, but it is because if you are someone living in America, you may realize that most lucrative fields, or should I say sectors, are dominated and owned by the same ethnic people who happen to be diabolically opposed to Palestinian well being . But fashion, as you know, is all about making a statement. By statement, I don’t mean to involve myself in a geopolitical dispute but simply recognize the fact that there are people who are currently losing their homes, families, and loved ones right in front of them. By creating fashion and supporting people who create fashion with this cause could bring what’s unknown, what’s hidden, to light and recognize those who are suffering so much pain.

A Commitment to Humanitarianism at Fifth Degree

I always believe that having compassion towards the ones in need is the right thing or the human thing to do. At Fifth Degree, we’re not challenging the status quo. We know that is impossible. But we do believe in living for others, showing our love towards people who are losing everything. And the least thing that we could do is to create clothing that may recognize these atrocities that are happening today. Recently, we have been creating lots of free Palestine shirts, and they have been getting very good responses from the people at large. I want to make it clear that by creation of these shirts, we’re not seeking to sow division by supporting one side and neglecting another. That’s not what we’re trying to do.

If it comes down to it, we are creating clothing for humanity, for love, and those who are going through suffering and hardship. Maybe this is the reason why people feel aligned with our free Palestine shirts and have been showing lots of interest in several of these shirts that we have created recently. I don’t want to get into the history of the Middle East in this blog because, unfortunately, we are living in a dog-eat-dog world where people with more resources and power subjugate and persecute people who have fewer resources than those who do.

The Ethical Dilemma of Speaking Out Against Injustice

But one thing is clear: when you see people who are struggling to feed themselves, to feed their children, even though we have all the technology available at our disposal to feed the entire world many times over, the reality in this 3D world is that this concept of humans being able to lead an abundant life without persecution is indeed impossible. Rather, we must depopulate as many people, an euphemism for genocidal murder of the masses. I’m trying to be very careful because I realize through life experiences that expressing how you feel about injustice, especially when it comes to geopolitics, even if you may be doing something right, could be a detriment to your life. But is it right to hide and refrain from talking about sensitive subjects when you see people who are going through so much suffering because you’re scared of your life, perhaps, scared of what you may lose?

This comes down to the philosophical question of whether refraining and ignoring what’s happening to others or other humans to protect yourself is the right thing to do. When we look at our past, there has been a growing trend, or should I say, a rising trend of activism through fashion. When you look at pictures from the ’60s or ’70s during the hippie era, during the Vietnam War, you see many people expressing their feelings towards 3D reality by wearing t-shirts with statements or other fashionable items that express their unique take on the situation.

Raising Awareness with Free Palestine Shirts

So rather than advocating for a certain group, I think the correct way to articulate what we are trying to achieve here at Fifth Degree is that we’re raising awareness. By raising awareness, I repeat, we’re not taking a side. We’re simply expressing love towards humanity because although the powers that may be want to try to brainwash us into thinking that we are all separate, spiritually speaking in essence, we are one. So this blog is not about trying to sell free Palestine shirts that we’ve created. We’re not trying to convince you to wear clothing representing a certain group of people because that would only sow division. Because we’re living in a duality split like black and white, we are forced to choose one or the other and we do not want to put anyone in a position to choose this or the other.

Recognition of Injustice and Appreciation for Support

But at the same time, I think it is vital to give credence or at least recognize, and bring to attention the unfair treatment, and the persecution that some people have to face today. We also want to thank those who have shown us support by purchasing Free Palestine shirts from us. We appreciate the fact that people whom we’ve never met do feel the pain that others are going through. That truly means a lot. And we will continue to bring attention to the hardships, and suffering of other humans because that’s what our brand is about. We also do realize that by creating a certain clothing item, we may frustrate or piss off a certain group. But that is not our goal.


Our mission is simply to bring awareness that we are one. And when you live for others, when your heart is filled with love, it is simply impossible to ignore things happening in some parts of the world today. One thing that we can promise is that we’ll continue to create clothing that will show love and bring awareness and attention to those going through hardships. And no one in this world is born to deserve to go through so much difficulty in their lives. And hope that if those who are being persecuted or going through so much sees another person supporting their cause, that they feel consoled, even if it’s for a split second, and bring them joy or calmness into their lives.

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